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Gay rights research papers: main complications

Research papers can be written on any topic. You can choose any topic of your interest and you can write a research paper on it. There is no compulsion or anything in choosing a topic. There are some topics on which research paper writing is considered as controversial. Some people relate ethical issues on some topics. The topics like Gay Rights and Prostitute’s rights etc are considered as controversial. The research papers written on topics like Gay Rights are under question. Students who are interested in doing research on gay rights; face different kind of difficulties. There are few main complications enlisted below which students have to face while writing a research paper on Gay Rights:

  • The ethical issues that is usually raised about the research papers on gay rights is that Gay Marriages are against the traditional family structure or system and the research papers on such topics like rights of gays can promote the disorder and anarchy in society and family institute.
  • It is considered as morally wrong to write a research paper on topic like gay rights which are prone to create an imbalance in society’s neat divisions of gender and gender roles etc.
  • Gay marriages also lead to the medical or health problems so it is also a questionable thing to write a research paper in favor of gay rights.
  • The major problem that researcher or student has to face while writing a research paper on gay rights is to find the sample. It is very hard to reach out the true practicing gays and make them ready for an interview which will be published later on.
  • The issue of informed consent prevails a lot in research papers like gay rights.
  • Socially it is considered as a social act to promote such stuff against which society raise so many voices or questions.
  • Generalizibilty is also another potential complication in the studies or research work on the topics like gay rights that you can generalize your findings to all common public.
  • Sample size is another issue which researcher or students have to face while doing research on the sensitive issues like gay rights. It is hard to meet a sample size of 200 or more of gays within the same community.
  • If you want to carry on your research on such topics, you can also take a lot of help from custom written research papers on gay rights.