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Helpful prompts for creating better term paper

Writing a term paper does not have to be difficult even though it can be a time consuming process. Your topic plays a big role in the creation of your term paper. You should have an idea on what to write and how to get it written. For those who may need more inspiration a list of potential topics or writing prompts may spark a few ideas based on personal interests. Understanding your options through sample topics and prompts can make things a little easier when you begin the research stage for your paper. The following prompts are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Terrorism and how it has affected our world during current times or in certain countries.
  • Animal rights and the continuation of using them in medical research, sports entertainment, etc.
  • Art and what is actually considered true art versus shapes, colors and textures being thrown together others do not understand.
  • Alcohol consumption by teenagers and the legal limit; based on certain countries should it be increased or lowered?
  • Why do we have beauty contests if we should be happy with the way we are? Does this hurt how women view body image in current society?
  • Should airplane pilots be allowed to carry a weapon?
  • Terrorists groups such as Al Qaida; how much of a threat to society are they really?
  • Is it worth it to continue abstinence programs that encourage youth to wait to have sex? Why are so many teenagers experiencing poor relationships while dating that includes domestic violence?
  • Why do so many products and services that are advertised have a sex appeal? Why is it that sex sells?
  • Should laws be enforced for bullying? What should schools and governments do that is not being done to reduce the risk or to punish those guilty of committing bullying acts?
  • Same sex marriage and the right to do it. Should it be legalize in general like a traditional marriage with a man and a woman or should same sex couples not have this privilege? Should such couples be allowed to raise children?
  • Climate change and global warming; is it true such traumatic weather events happen because of it or is it due to human activity on earth such as additional pollution?
  • How are people stealing identities in current society versus a couple decades ago? Has the problem decreased or increased in activity?