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Secrets of Writing Good College Papers

Most individuals think that, to be a good writer, you just have to have the talent. We’ve all been there, watching the A+ student get another perfect score on another tough essay (while we flounder in the B’s, C’s and D’s). It’s become the general thought that writing just comes naturally to some – while others struggle. While this may be true at its most basic level, it isn’t true generally. In fact, there are a lot of ways in which individuals – that consider themselves ‘poor writers’ – can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their college essays. It really isn’t about ‘natural skill.’ It’s about knowing the tips and tricks that can help you make a great essay! What are some of those nifty secrets? Find out below!

  • Time management. It’s astounding how little schools actually teach this skill – because really, it’s the best trick in your bag. If you have excellent time management skills, then college papers will quickly become smooth sailing. By making writing schedules and allotting enough time for research, outlining, drafting, writing and editing, college papers typically turn out outstanding.
  • Organization. Like time management, organization is an imperative skill that you may never pick up in school. Organized students, though, almost always have better essays. This is because they can organize their arguments effectively, group similar ideas together, and follow a coherent stream of thought throughout their paper. Use organizers, maps and outlines to organize the thoughts and evidence going in to your paper; you’ll see a better end result!
  • Enthusiasm. Here’s the biggest secret to writing great college papers – you have to find a way to enjoy it! Now, we know this isn’t an easy thing to do – especially if you’re tackling a subject that’s pretty dull. You’ll need a find a way to get excited about it! What’s interesting or unique about the topic? Can that get you excited? Even if the topic itself can’t get you enthused, at least try pairing your writing times with something that does. Maybe after every time you complete part of the assignment, you get to play your favorite video game. Find a way to get excited about the work, and you’re more likely to produce great essays.
  • Proofreading and editing. This really shouldn’t be a secret – in fact, it should be pretty obvious. Great college essays don’t get great unless you give them a good once-over before turning them in. Students that really focus on the proofreading and editing stage tend to turn in higher-quality essays that have clearer, more organized thinking.