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4 Ideas For Literature Research Paper Topics For Kids

Students are getting certain types of assignments younger and younger.  These days’ fact and task that wouldn’t be introduced until middle are being taught to kids in elementary school.  Whether or not if that is right, there has to be topics that are kid friendly and reasonable for children to write a research paper on.

Topics that are ideal for kids can be really hard to come by, mostly because research topics ideas for literature papers tend to have very heavily layers of deep thoughts and concepts.  But there are some topics for a literature research paper that a kid can complete.  These research topics are as follows.

Research Topics:

  • Comparison of how the book and the movie add up.  This can be done with any book that has a movie adaption.    This will help the student see the difference in the two. Think critically about how the plot is affected when changes are made.

  • Having banned books? Should a child have the right to choose what they read?  This might be a topic for an older child, but it can give the child /student the ability to think through and decided whether or not they have the read things that adult deem appropriate.

  • A comparison of the same book but different editions.  It could be different countries or just the changes from the first edition to the fifth.  This will make the student thing critically about how books change from versions. Think critically about how changes can affect the overall story and how different versions can impact what the reader takes away from the piece of literature.

  • A research paper look at books with ending that are ambiguous.  The sort of research paper will make the kids think about how the ending can impact the reader.  The can think about how the ending really nails the story and what the reader can take away from the story.

Using these topics and others similar to it, young students are able to complete their research papers for literature with ease.  They will be able to think about how reading impacts a person and this will cement their desire to read.  Or it can open their eyes to why reading is important and teacher make them read so much.  Student who has to write a research paper over literature should be able to take this topic and develop a paper that will be well thought out.