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25 Unique Research Topic Ideas For College Term Papers

College students have to write term papers quite often, so it isn’t surprising that some of them have run out of ideas and are in trouble trying to come up with a unique research topic. You should choose a study subject that you want to learn more about. It’s recommended to pick the broad subject first and then narrow it down. However, it’s also fine to look through a list of ready term paper topics and select the one that you like the most.

The following 25 great research topic ideas are provided to get you inspired:

  1. What types of adoption should be encouraged in the third world countries?
  2. Why should European countries and the U.S. help African countries develop their economies?
  3. What are the health benefits of responsible alcohol consumption?
  4. Why should the current health care programs be reformed?
  5. What policies would prevent the spreading of Ebola in African countries?
  6. How do you think the society should treat drug abuse?
  7. Is there a European culture? Have Europeans ever had one culture?
  8. Under what circumstances should the right to free speech be restricted?
  9. What are the most serious problems facing Germany today?
  10. How is the Internet affecting the way people communicate with each other?
  11. Who should pay for higher education? Why do students often should bear the largest portion of the tuition fee?
  12. Should eating disorders be treated mandatory?
  13. Why aren’t online courses suitable for all students?
  14. Why shouldn’t parents control the curriculum of public schools?
  15. What are the most effective efforts to preserve endangered species? Provide examples.
  16. Is the Chinese lifestyle bad for the environment?
  17. Who should pay today to prevent environmental messes in the future?
  18. What factors influence customer decision-making in your community?
  19. How will new technologies affect the way people travel?
  20. Should genetic engineering be regulated by government?
  21. What should each person do in order to combat climate change?
  22. How can community reduce the number of violent crimes?
  23. Is homosexuality a lifestyle choice?
  24. Does it make sense to limit the growth of big cities into the countryside?
  25. What values, in your opinion, should popular culture promote today?

Some of the topic ideas mentioned above might seem complicated to work on. However, a well-done research will allow you to compose a solid, interesting term paper and impress your professor.