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Term Paper Writing Ideas: 10 Great History Topics

History enthusiasts have a range of topic to choose from for their term papers. A lot of connections are yet to be made on how history unfolded and how it affects present day life. It is possible to produce unique and original topics despite the fact that history has been studied for years. The secret lies in choosing a particular area of interest and finding the best subject to write on. Some of the main categories that would give your term paper an excellent topic include:

  • Personalities
  • The history of the world has been shaped by particular individuals either as political leaders, military men, educationists, sports men, inventors etc. Pick an individual and write your paper on his contribution to the course of history

    1. How the did childhood influence the actions of President Lincoln?
    2. Did history motivate Fleming into inventing Penicillin?
    3. Events
    4. The approach is to select an event in history and make it the topic of your term paper. Some of the events that shaped the world include world wars, cold wars, civil wars, death of prominent individuals, famous accidents, etc. The paper may focus on how such events unfolded, would have been prevented or shaped decisions about the future of a particular industry.

    5. How the Second World War contributed toward the development of the jet
    6. The Columbia Disaster as a turning point for Space Shuttle development
    7. Nations
    8. Each nation has a unique history that provides ample ideas for a quality term paper in history. The focus ranges from the work of particular personalities, political decisions, actions in war, social changes, etc. You may also relate two countries or a country with an event.

    9. The American Civil War and emergence of democracy
    10. How America got involved in the Second World War
    11. Things or inventions
    12. Particular inventions changed the way humanity conducted business. An example is the invention of submarine and its impact on naval warfare. The internet has a huge impact on communication, advertising and human relations.

    13. How the mobile phone changed communication
    14. The jet and changes in the aviation industry
    15. Issues
    16. Over the years, the world has had to deal with different issues including education, military organization, alliances, human rights etc. Each of the social, cultural, political, etc issues has a history that is worth using as your topic for the term paper. Examples include

    17. The world wars and the rise of international diplomacy
    18. A historical view at expansion in democratic space in US