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A List Of The Most Interesting Sports Research Paper Ideas

  1. Are the sports today what they were a hundred years ago?
  2. Look at how the sports were played a hundred years ago to how they are played now. Was there more emphasis on the athletic side of the sport rather than on how much a player was making or doing in his free time? Which is more important? Has the view of sports players today changed from what it was years ago?

  3. How does American football differ from European football?
  4. Look at the European Fußball sport as opposed to the American football sport? Which one was around first? Even though, Fußball means football how did these two sports with the same name end up being played differently? Is there any other connection besides the name?

  5. Does the English version of football make American football players look whiny?
  6. The English play rugby, but do not wear padded gear, why is that? Why do American football players wear a lot of protective equipment? Are the English the truer athletes or are they merely addicts for injuries? Are Americans softer for wanting to wear a lot of paddings? Is there a fear of being sued?

  7. Should the bubble football be considered a sport?
  8. What is the definition of a sport? Look at the bubble football and then compare it to the other sports. How did the bubble football get started? Was it meant to be a sport? Should the bubble football be considered a sport or merely an entertaining activity to do with friends?

  9. How should coaches behave?
  10. Watching a sports game on the TV, it is unavoidable to see coaches yelling at their teams or throwing a tantrum worthy of a young child. How should a coach behave during a game? How should he lead his team? Will shouting verbal insults at his players help a coach get better results? Is the behavior of the coach relevant to the sports game being played? Can a coach influence the playing rate of his team by his conduct?

  11. Who are thought to be the best Sports players of today?
  12. Judging by their play record and the social media, who among the sports world are considered to be the best players? Why are they thought so? Is there standing as top players well earned or are there others who should hold the spot? What does it mean to be a top player?