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How diverse cultures view counseling – Essay Example

The issue of multicultural counseling has become a major force in the cross counseling profession. In this aspect, psychological scholars state that this form of counseling has had a significant impact on how competent counseling is done both practically and theoretically. Furthermore, scholars state that counselors must become more competent in regards to the issues that arise because of multiculturalism and diversity. On the other hand, because of the ever-changing population demographics, there has been an increase of a diversified society, and because of this fact, there has been a greater need of having a behavioral and cognitive approach on these diverse cultures. Therefore, this paper will discuss the behavioral and cognitive approach on the multicultural perceptive, and it will further outline how diverse cultures view counseling.

Psychological scholars state that the diversity in the contemporary society is not only reflected along the racial and ethnic dimensions, but also in other aspects of culture. These cultures include the socioeconomic status, ability status, religion, spirituality, and the sexual orientation. Each of the cultural features in its own way exerts a differential pull, strength or valence on each member of the society in regards to his or her overall make up. Because of this fact, psychological scholars state that in order to have a competent counselor in a diversified culture, it is relevant for a counseling therapist to have an understanding of the social and the historical movements that shape the diverse society.

Moreover, it is also important for a competent counselor to understand the dynamics that come because of the multicultural zone. According to scholars, the understanding of the dynamics of the multicultural zone helps in examining the relationship that arise between the helper and the one being helped in case of the significant cultural differences between them. It is important to note that counseling in a diversified culture brings many challenges; this is because, a majority in the society believes that multicultural counseling challenges the racial reality thus arousing deep feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, defensiveness, and sometimes anxiety. In conclusion, a competent counselor needs to be sensitive, this often helps in empowering those who feel culturally oppressed or discriminated.