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Ford Motor Company Vs. General Motors

Ford is not as old as of a company compared to the other companies; obviously if you compare to companies like Mercedes-Benz (founded the company in 1883) and Renault (founded in 1899). These two companies have been one of the oldest companies all over the world. Ford Motor Company was founded in the year 1903. There are many other different companies which were found earlier in the 19th century. Over the year there have been various countries that have been established when it comes to the world of vehicles where every company has a car or a truck or any vehicle designed in its own unique way with a special logo on it which donates something or has a deep history or a mystery behind it, though many people are still not really aware about a lot of things about Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company has its own series of classic to latest or rather said from vintage to latest cars. One of the best thing about Ford from all the other luxury car companies is that Ford does provide you with luxury but it starts from the range of what a middle class an can afford it. So in short, it is completely economically possible for someone to purchase it. The price obviously varies from model to model and from the range as well. One more good thing about this particular company is that it company is that it is known to have the best quality form all of its competitors. So if you are investing your money on it, you should not really worry about it. Because you are not only investing money in the right car but also you are getting an amazing quality car with good comfort service. Another good thing about Ford Motor Company is that it is recognized all over the world. From the east to the west and from south to north all the countries have a good reputation of this company and know about it. It also has a greater success rate than its competitors.

Though, there are quite a few negative points for this company too. It has sadly really extremely low -line level of penetration of market in countries like India and China. But on the other hand, now they have spread their company and are working on it to make sure that they reach out to the country and its states in the best of ways. People also have being said that they feel their money in this company is worth the investment and have 85% of the time positive reviews from the customers.