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How To Find Good, Realistic Mergers And Acquisitions Dissertation Topics

The first port of call to find realistic mergers and acquisition dissertation topics is to look at different mergers and acquisitions to study case histories of mergers and acquisitions. Here are some specific tips.

  • Read previous dissertations on the topic and figure out why they were successful or not.

  • Always discuss how to select the right topic with your tutor.

  • There may be articles on mergers and acquisitions in The Wall Street Journal or Forbes magazine, which are both strong business publications. Also check the New York Times.

  • If you can, talk to a businessman concerned with mergers and acquisitions.

  • Concentrate on how businessmen assess asset worth and when they decide that it’s the right time to buy. This often depends on global strategic decisions, such as a possible war or an oil price hike and what the company could be worth. A global recession is arguably a good time to buy if you have the funds available.

  • Mobile telecommunications has been a highly successful field for acquisitions, especially in the third world where business and enterprise have been created. Study the acquisitions of Telefonica and Maroc Telecom in Morocco.

  • Pharmaceutical industries such as GSK have built themselves on mergers. Check them out.

  • Try to get the views of businessmen in a company to see how their merger has worked.

  • Assess the pros and cons of different historic mergers and acquisitions, including the successes and the failures.

  • Discuss how big companies such as Danone or Coca Cola grow through acquisitions.

  • Look into mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector and banks. This is a major topic at the moment given the pressure on banks by regulatory authorities.

  • Another topic for a dissertation is the impact on mergers and acquisitions of government regulatory bodies, which want to prevent unfair competition in the marketplace. 
Here are some more:
  • The impact on mergers and acquisitions of government completion laws in different countries.
  • The impact of mergers and acquisitions on the global marketplace.
  • Aggressive buy out acquisitions and their effect on corporate infrastructure.
  • Mergers and acquisitions in dotcom companies and why some companies paid too much.
  • The acquisition of HSBOS Lloyds and why it was a disaster.

There are many case histories of recent mergers and acquisitions that have succeeded or failed. A writer of a dissertation in this field should write on a new topic that reflects the lessons learned for the business world.