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How to Write About Any Topic

Essays come in all shapes, forms and sizes. They reference ever subject under the sun – even subjects that don’t make sense, like dance or music. No matter what classes you take, what age you are or what your academic achievement goal happens to be, you’re bound to run in to an essay. This isn’t so terrible when you can write one something familiar or interesting to you. If you’re an art major, for example, writing about your favorite artist won’t exactly give you headaches – in fact, you’ll probably have fun with that assignment! What happens, however, when you’re assigned a topic that doesn’t spark your interest? What happens when you’re stuck with an unfamiliar or uninteresting topic, and you just don’t know where to go?

Luckily, there are a few tricks that essay experts use to help them write any essay – regardless of the topic! Would you like to be one of few people assured that they can write on any topic under the sun? Follow these simple steps, and you’ll find that any academic paper can be a breeze – even the ones that make you scratch your head and say, ‘what?’

  • Get to know the topic. This may seem obvious to some, but you’d be surprised how many people skip this step. If you’re writing about something, shouldn’t you at least have some basic, fundamental knowledge on the subject? The answer is: yes. Before you ever start writing, do some research and get to know the topic. What are the biggest issues? What are some important or interesting facts or areas of the study? It’s relatively easy to get a basic understanding of any topic – especially with today’s web!
  • Pick what you can write on. If you don’t really know a lot about the topic or understand it, just be frank with yourself. Instead of trying to force yourself into understanding the subtle details of the topic’s every nook and cranny, pick what you do understand. Pick a part of the topic that does make sense to you, and build your paper around that. Trust us – it will come out a lot better than if you tried to tackle the other complicated aspects on your own.
  • Use outside material. Regardless of what kind of assignment you’re composing, you’ll likely need support or reference material. This can be key to helping to tackle any topic; the reference material will likely explain opinions and go into further detail on the topic than you ever could. Paraphrase, quote, and then expand on ideas you’ve discovered in your resources – this can be done with any topic.