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Writing an impressive essay thesis statement

    Thesis statement is the statement which depicts your opinion about the essay. Thesis statement usually comes in the initial paragraph of the essay. There are ways to make your thesis statement more impressive.

  • Clear:
  • Your thesis statement should be very clear in that it should state your opinion very clear. The more clear a statement is, more influential it would be for the readers. Also the readers know clearly that what you are going to prove in the following essay and that they will be reading about this point of view. Also it makes clear that you are not doubted about what you are going to say. If your thesis statement is not clear, it will fail to create an impression and reader will think that you are not clear about what you are about to say. So always be clear in your thesis statement.

  • State in the start:
  • The thesis statement should be given at the very start of the essay. It is best if your first sentence of the essay comprise of your thesis statement. But if it does not suit your style or idea of the essay then at least write the thesis statement in the first paragraph of your essay. It also clarifies to the reader that what they are about to read. And also, the following paragraphs should be about the arguments of the essay. So thesis statement comes in the start.

  • Should not be conflicting:
  • Your thesis statement should not be conflicting. It should contain a clear idea or point of view. The benefit of it is that it leaves a good impression on the reader.

  • Strong:
  • Your thesis statement should be strong.

  • Should have arguments:
  • When you adopt a thesis statement, you must revisit your arguments about that thesis. If you have arguments that are strong enough to prove your point of view then you must go on with that thesis statement. But, if the situation is otherwise; that is if you do not have strong arguments for your thesis statement, then you must leave it and develop some other thesis for which you have stronger arguments. If you fail to do so, then you must change the topic.

  • Restate in the conclusion:
  • The thesis statement should be restated in the concluding paragraph. But it should be in different words and style.