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Carol Ann Duffy: Mrs. Lazarus – Essay Sample

“Mrs. Lazarus” by Carol Ann Duffy displays a multidimensional display of love, showing the consequences of love. The poem is a description of the sadness experiences by Lazarus’s wife. The poem is a rewrite of the biblical story of Lazarus displayed in the New Testament. “Mrs. Lazarus” explains the end of love with death. Love happens between two different people, and it ends when one individual dies. The poem is a construction of love with a difference in the presented stereotype. The poem shows a residual of the power of love.

Ideologies in the poem relate love to nature and to the society& individuality. The rejection displayed by Mrs. Lazarus towards her husband’s death does not refute the metaphysical dimension of love. Mrs. Lazarus turns wild after the death of her husband. The poem describes this through meaning and sound. It is natural for a woman who has just lost her husband to go wild. The individual and social display of love remains a concern for Mrs. Lazarus as she displays sexual frustration. Socially, the display of love comes through individual layers described by the society. The relation of love and individuality is through imperfection, disruption and the absence of her husband. The relation of love and socialization appears through the fulfillment acquired through companionship. The poem seeks to inform the audience on the importance of love in death.

The poem seeks to provide the audience with positive information. It relates love with nature, refuting the idealized aspects towards love. It gives too much detain in demystifying love. The poem does not provide metaphysics of the survival of love. Evaluation of love through the poem gives insight on extremity and how the mind works. Love continues through eternity for Mrs. Lazarus as it is distilled in a present display. The construction of love depends on time as it aids heal all wounds.