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Good Topics For College Research Papers

When you are writing a college research paper you may be given the opportunity to find a topic on your own. You can write an essay that draws upon specific examples and observations from your life or texts you have read to show your attitude toward any of the following subjects:

  • Superstitions
  • Tattoos
  • Violence in games
  • Changing gender roles
  • Online education
  • Your favorite character from a novel
  • Your worst job
  • The most useful invention
  • Real heroism
  • Churchgoers
  • Fad diets

Consider the idea that many societies believe that people have a fundamental right to find happiness but that attaining happiness is elusive. With that in mind you can write about whether you believe attaining the things you want most in life is what brings you happiness or whether it is the pursuit of those things we want the most that brings happiness.

So how do you start your research once you have the topic?

You can use the internet.

The most reliable place to begin after you have picked your topic is the internet. You can find background information on the text as well as biographical information on your author. You can find rudimentary analyses and bibliographies of other works that relate to yours.

You can use the library.

There are many more scholarly pieces available in a library that you can use for your paper including scholarly boos and journal articles. You can use the library’s periodical index or use the online database to find sources that prove useful in your paper.

How can you use information that you find while researching for your paper?

Any secondary sources you locate should be used only to help you. Remember that your thoughts and ideas should be what constitute the majority of the paper. You develop the thesis and after that is done you can start to incorporate supporting evidence from other authors. For example: if your paper argues that the character Huckleberry Finn is meant to be a Christ character then that is your thesis. You then find evidence from the novel that supports this thesis such as Huck sacrificing himself in order to let Jim go free. You might find a quote from a reputable author that states this or use text from the actual story to support it. Whatever you incorporate as evidence remember that it should be linked back to your thesis at all times.