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Media Art (Photography)

Media art has greatly evolved and it does not seem to end any time soon. One of the most tremendous areas of media art is photography. Basically, photography is the art, science and practice of developing durable images through recording light or in some forms of electromagnetic radiation. This can be attained either through electronic means or through an image sensor. There are also chemical means of producing photographs through the use of light-sensitive materials like a photographic film.

Photo production

Characteristically, a lens is normally used to focus a beam of light reflected or in other words emitted from objects into an actual image on a surface that is sensitive to light placed to the inside of a camera within an exposure that is timed. Through the use of an electronic image sensor, this creates an electrical charge for each of the pixels that undergo processing through electronic means and kept in a digital image case for successive exhibition or processing.

What comes out of photographic emulsion is a latent image that is not visible. However, it is later processed through chemical means to make it visible. It can either be positive or negative based on the purpose for which the photographic material is intended. It is also depends on the processing method. A negative image for a film is conventionally used to create positive images photographically on the base of a paper commonly referred to as print. This can either be through an enlarger or through contact printing.

Application of photography

Photography is used in many areas of manufacturing, science and business alongside its mainstream use for purposes of recreation and art as well as mass communication. In original terms, photography refers to drawing with the use of light. Photography may have been coined by some people differently but with the key reference to light.

Further, photography has diversified in to what is known as fine-art photography. This is a type of photography that is formed based on the vision of the person doing it, “the artist” being the photographer. This form of photography is different from representational photography like the one seen in photojournalism. Photojournalism is primarily concerned with the provision of a documentary visual description of certain events and subjects, literally providing a representation of objective reality instead of subjective purpose of the artist photographer. Another form of photography known as commercial photography has a basic emphasis on advertising services and products.