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English Dissertation Ideas: Methodology Chapter

When you are trying to find out about how to write a methodology chapter for a dissertation, you must first understand what the methodology chapter is.

For a methodology chapter there are four basic parts.

  • For the first part you should review the issues that you will be considering while talking about the topic. This part should highlight both the issues you are attempting to resolve as well as any trouble that you might run into while trying to resolve them.
  • The subsequent paragraphs should explain how you intend to overcome the obstacles that you will be faced with in your research. Try to do this without giving so much information that the reader will be able to duplicate your methods.
  • You should also give the reader a commentary telling about the different variables that might come into play as well as how each variable will affect the outcome of your research.
  • The last part is the part where you will sum up all of the methods you used to complete your research and prove the thesis of your dissertation.

While coming up with the methodology chapter might seem like a daunting task, it really does not have to be. If while you are doing your research you keep notes of what you are doing and the problems that you run into then when it comes time to write the methodology chapter all you will have to do is transcribe your notes into the proper format to be put into your dissertation.

You should always strive to write your references down as you are doing your research too. You will need to have in-text citations as well as a reference page that these references will need to go on. If you are writing them down as you come across them it will be easier to incorporate them when you are writing the actual dissertation and the methodology chapter. You may be including some of the references that give you information in the methodology chapter.

Many people tend to think that writing a dissertation is a truly intimidating task. If you follow guidelines and do proper research as well as pacing yourself while you are doing it, you will find that it is not so intimidating after all. Set small goals to meet each day and then by accomplishing your goals for the week you will get a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to see it through to the end.