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Dissertation writing process - research design

If you do not like research, you should not write a dissertation because you must do extensive research before you begin writing. To write a respectable dissertation, you must research more than you think you need to research. In order to research in an effective way, it is a good idea to develop a plan for researching. Without a plan, you could research continually and never get to writing.

Stay Open-Minded about Your Thesis

In many cases, dissertation writers begin the process of collecting information after they have decided upon a thesis. This can limit research options. So, it can be helpful to remain open-minded about the possibility of altering your thesis if you discover new knowledge.

Keep Track of Your Sources

Another important aspect of researching is to keep track of the sources that you find. Whether you use the source or not, the first thing you should do is cite the source. This way, if you misplace the information that you wanted, you can find it again. There are several websites that will save citations and there are some websites that will complete the citations just by entering a URL. Too many students have struggled with lost citations and sources that are impossible to find a second time. It is better to learn from other’s mistakes rather than to make them again, yourself.

Annotate with Color

Along with recording sources, it is also helpful to design a color-coded annotation process. Depending on the topic of your dissertation, you can color code information that could be a counter-argument or main arguments. You can also use color coding for sources that you could use, but you are not sure of along with sources that you are sure to use. When you design your own annotation style, you will be more successful in finding information when you want it.

Be Accurate

It is vital that you are extremely accurate when you research and use the research to write. Without proper researching, your dissertation could become troublesome. No dissertation writer wants any claims of plagiarism. Keeping track of sources and using proper in-text documentation will prevent those accusations. In many cases, is you are concerned about how to cite a source and how to include in-text citations, there is nothing wrong with asking or visiting a writing center. There are many sources that writers can use to get information about documentation styles, whether at brick-and-mortar sites or online.