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Amusing Academic Research Paper Topics

Who says research papers have to be boring? With a little creativity, you can put together topics that are amusing, yet still require real effort and quality writing to convey the message or argument. A teacher or professor will likely be impressed by your thinking ‘outside the box’, as long as you still put in the time to create a quality product. The following are some guidelines for coming up with an amusing research paper topic of your own.

  • Personal Stories. Write about something that has happened to you in the past that is funny, but also can be researched. For example, say that you fell in an embarrassing way in a public setting. You could do research on the physics of falling, famous falls by celebrities, potential injuries, etc. The more detail you can go into during your research, the better the final product will be.
  • Expand on the Mundane. Take an everyday life occurrence, like putting on your shoes, and break it down to absurdly detailed levels. Such things as the pros and cons of different shoe tying styles, where all of the part of your shoes were manufactured, how shoes were invented, and on and on. You will be amazed at how complete of a report you are able to generate from such a simple topic.
  • Shared Memories. If you are in a class with people of similar age to yourself, pick a project that analyzes a memory that you would all share from childhood. Old TV shows are a great choice because they are nearly ubiquitous across our culture. Pick out a favorite old TV show and research it from several different angles. When you present the paper, having visuals aids like images from the show, or even footage, will give your presentation a memorable effect.
  • Adult Topics. If you are writing a paper for a college class, topic on ‘adult’ themes like sex are popular and can be amusing to the crowd as a whole. For this angle, you will need to walk the fine line between funny and inappropriate. Don’t include too much in the way of blatantly obscene material – rather, use innuendo and context clues to hint at what you are talking about. This kind of writing will take some practice, but your professor will likely appreciate the effort that went into a paper written with such nuance.