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Beauty is Power

Beauty is often thought of in the aesthetic sense—the color of your eyes, the style of your hair, the inches of your waist. These ideas are only superficial ideas, but the scope of beauty is actually quite large if we really think about it. Beauty can be found all around you, but below we have highlighted some of the more powerful and beautiful aspects of life.

  • Beauty from Within
  • Beauty applies to the way a person looks on the outside, but also the way they appear internally. Someone’s soul can have beauty. His or her heart can exude a kindness and understanding for the world, and that is beautiful. Although this is not the conventional idea of beauty, someone’s innermost thoughts are what we love, and in turn, this is why we may believe a person to be beautiful.

  • Beauty of Nature
  • In addition to the beauty a person may exude, there is also nature’s beauty. The same way people’s beauty can be broken down into an aesthetic or holistic classification; we can divide nature’s beauty similarly. When we look at the aesthetic beauty of nature, we can admire the immensity of what is around us. We can think about how the trees, mountains, and rivers came to be. We also can think about the holistic beauty of nature. Nature is beautiful in the sense that it provides for us. We can respect the beauty of an overflowing aquifer, the nourishment of a fall harvest, or the truthfulness of the circle of life. Nature is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful part of our world.

  • Beauty of Creation
  • In addition to admiring the beauty of a person or landscape, we can also appreciate the beauty of creation. People can do incredible things with their hands and minds, and these creations are often beautiful. Our world has artists painting, writers writing, inventors inventing, and many others paving the way to creation. These brilliant minds are strong, and create beautiful life contributions.

  • Beauty of Life
  • Thinking about the beauty of creation—the creation of life is one of the most beautiful occurrences to witness or participate. Watching a baby birthed, an adolescent grow, and a person age can be the most beautiful part of life. These are life’s milestones, and sharing in the love of these events harbors great beauty.