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Trusting Assignment Writing Services VS Asking a Friend for Help

If you’re stuck on a writing assignment, you’re desperate for help. You could ask a friend for assistance in writing your paper, or you could enlist the services of a professional writer. There are pros and cons for both options.

Asking a Friend for Help


  • Help from a friend is often free, or at least, very inexpensive
  • An established relationship with the person helping you may make the situation feel more secure
  • You’re more aware of your friend’s personal abilities, education, and writing style.


  • Your friend may not be motivated to do the best possible job
  • Your friend may tell others that they helped with or wrote your paper, endangering your academic career
  • Your friend may judge you for asking them to help
  • A friend may debate or argue with you over the best way to write the paper

Using an Assignment Writing Service


  • A reputable paid services is very motivated to provide you with the best possible help, because they want repeat business
  • A paid service is likely to meet deadlines, requirements, and quality standards, because that is their job
  • A high quality paid service will have better writers on hand than your friend, and more resources for providing you with an exceptional paper
  • An assignment writing service will be extremely discreet with your information, and there’s little to no chance of anyone ever knowing you required help
  • An assignment writing service works for you—so they’ll do what you request


  • An assignment writing service will probably cost more than a friend’s help
  • You’ll need to find an assignment writing service that appears to be trustworthy, and that requires research ahead of time
  • You’ll have to do your best to ensure that the writer who handles your assignment is fully qualified to do so

Which is Better?

Using an assignment writing service is more secure and likely to return a better product, but it does require some research on the part of the student. Find out as much as you can about the service before committing to using their help. The good news, however, is that once you find a good service to use, you won’t have to research again. If you anticipate needing help with writing assignments throughout your academic career, finding a reputable, trustworthy service with which you can begin to build a relationship now is the best plan.