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Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan is an American economist, born in 1926, 6th March; he served as the chairman of the federal reserve of the USA for sixteen good years from 1987 to 2006. Upon his retirement, he started working as a private adviser and provided consulting services to firms by means of his company called Greenspan Associates LLC. He has been appointed as the chairman of Federal Reserve for four interval years that ensured he was the second longest serving man in that position. He has worked under various presidential regimes that include Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush. By the time he came to Federal Reserve he had enjoyed a successful career in consultancy and this made him subdued in his public appearances but by the time he left the institution he was almost likened to rock stars. Greenspan has been on the receiving end with criticism after criticism, most notable ones being the easy money policies which some suggests it to be the major cause of the subprime mortgage crisis.

His life and Education

Born in Washington heights area in the New York, his parents were of mixed descents with the father being of Roman- Jewish descent and his mother was of Hungarian-Jewish descent. He went to George Washington High school between 1940 and 1943 where he graduated before joining Juilliard School for clarinet studies. In 1945, he attended New York University to study in Economics where he earned his B.S. degree in1948 and his M.A degree in economics in1950. He obtained his PHD in economics at the same university in1977 and had his dissertation removed from the University when he was appointed as the chairman of Federal Reserve. He has been involved in two marriages; his first marriage was with Joan Mitchell in 1952 but come to end less than a year later. His life moved on after that marriage by dating Barbara Walters, who was a newswoman, in 1970s. Today he is married to Andrea Mitchell who he met in 1984 and got married officially in 1997.


The following are some of the honours awarded to Alan Greenspan; Presidential Medal of Freedom was received from George W Bush in 2005, Department of Defence Medal for distinguished public service, Dwight D. Eisenhover Medal for great leadership and service, Thomas Jefferson Foundation medal- citizen leadership, Commander of the Legion of honour – France in 2000, Eugene J Keogh Award – distinguished public service and honorary doctorate degree in commercial science from his former university. There are just but a few of the honours given to him for many achievements especially for his great leadership skills.