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Free Tutorial On How To Write A Good Expository Essay

Expository essays are written with logics and in straight forward manner. It should be a balanced analysis of the subject written with facts but without expressions or opinions of the writer.

Structure of the essay

Introductory paragraph should reveal the main idea of the writing. The next three paragraphs should provide details in support of the chief points. Finally conclusion should be written which states the chief ideas that tie all the significant points of the entire composition in few words.

Following are the five steps to write an expository paper-

  • Prewriting: This is the time to brainstorm. Gather all the points and assemble them well. You should perform intensive research and then prepare notes. When you prepare the outline, it assists you to organize your matter in a logical sequence. Reveal all the information paragraph wise forming a smooth transition.
  • Preparing the draft: Your initial draft should be composed of following steps-
    1. The topic sentence states the chief idea clearly without any of your opinions. It should be well defined and should be addressed in the format of 5 paragraph article.
    2. Each of the paragraphs of the body statements should address different points. If possible elaborate the points giving interesting facts and examples. They should be supporting the paragraphs.
    3. The concluding paragraphs should be written in such a way that it strengthens the thesis with chief supporting ideas.
    4. It should be written from third person’s perspectives. ‘He’, ‘She’ or ‘It’ should be used while writing and not ‘I’ or ‘You’.
  • Revision: This is the phase when students will modify, review and reorganize their work in order to make a flawless piece of writing. Ensure that the paper is written with an unbiased manner and it unfolds logically depicting relevant facts and examples. The information should be clearly and effectively communicated to the audience. Also make sure that you do not lose your track while writing. Sentence structure, word choice and transition of paragraph should be appropriate. The concluding paragraph should communicate appropriate value and meaning while supporting the key ideas.
  • Editing: Next step is proofreading where you should focus on grammar and mechanics improving on style and clarity making the composition clear, concise, lively and engaging.
  • Submit: Share it with your teacher or your class. Learn from the experiences of others and use their feedback to make your next essay a better one.