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Writing Ideas for Students: A Research Paper Outline Sample

There are several types of research paper styles, including narrative, descriptive, compare and contrast, classification and division, exemplification, cause and effect, definition, dialectic and history and many more. However, before starting on your research paper you should have a good idea for a topic. Below are some ideas for you to explore or adopt as your own:

  • Art investment and the scope of its limitations. Investing in art is believed to be the best of investment types since most art pieces tend to appreciate even a little over several years.

  • Pros and cons of modern day television programs. Does modern day programming positively or negatively affect adults, teens, and children? Does anyone have the responsibility to keep programs positive?

  • Measuring hospital performance in state funding. When states provide annual funds to generated from tax dollars to hospitals should measuring an institution’s performance be considered? What criteria should be used?

  • Differences between scripted and unscripted entertainment. There are two popular types of entertainment and both have their merits. But does one trump the other in terms of content and value?

  • Controversies around the Gitmo detention facilities. With more prisoners being released from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp will the day come when it closes down completely? And what has been learned by having the base exist in the first place.

  • Materialism and consumerism in the U.S. Is materialism and consumerism a plague that has burdened U.S. citizens to the point that they are in massive debt? What forces have influenced this century-old trend?

  • How to avoid economic recession in modernized countries. Is it possible for modernized countries to have checks and balances in their financial systems to minimize the chances of going into an economic recession?

  • Limiting the terms of both congressmen and senators. In the U.S. the terms of both congressmen and senators have been in place for more than 200 years. Is it time the country takes a look at modernizing its system by limiting terms?

  • Making working for the environment compulsory in college. Should a semester or two in college be reserved for working to improve the environment? Would this change how environmental policy is made at the federal level?

  • Increasing number of problems in the environment. Each year brings more environmental problems as populations grow and are outpacing protection laws. What can be done if anything can be done at all?