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How To Conclude Your Term Paper

The ending of your term paper should be a basic summary of all the content that has been covered within the document. Even the most basic conclusion should include specific details that help wrap up your term paper. The best way to approach your term paper conclusion is to follow the basic rules for writing a proper conclusive paragraph. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important things to keep in mind when you are writing the last paragraph.

  1. Re-introduce your topic
  2. In the conclusion of your term paper you should restate your topic as well as your reason for writing.

    You do not need to spend a lot of time re-introducing your topic; instead you should be able to summarize it within a single sentence. Do not bother elaborating on your thesis defense either, because assuming that the reader has read your entire paper they should already understand the main points being made and you do not want to be too redundant.

  3. Remark on your thesis
  4. Although you do not want to restate your thesis completely, you do want to reflect on it within your conclusion. This means that your thesis should be mention and described at the end of your term paper. Formatting tip: It is also a good idea to place your thesis summary in italics.

  5. List Your Main Points (again)
  6. The next step is to briefly revisit your main points. If you have been following the three body paragraph outline then you should have three or more main points of discussion that you will want to summarize within your concluding remarks. It is important that you do not introduce new ideas within your conclusion. Instead restate in one sentence the main points that you have already discussed within the body paragraphs.

  7. Include A Call To Action to The Reader (When Appropriate)
  8. At the end of your paper you may also want to state your purpose for writing and offer a call to action that is directed towards the reader. Basically, a call to action is a request for the reader to “act” on the information that has been learned from reading your term paper. It may be a request for more research in the field of study that your are writing about, or simply a suggestion that the reader considers the details of the paper.

  9. Wrap It Up
  10. Once you have summarized your topic, remarked on your thesis, re-listed your main argument points and presented a call to action, all you need to do is wrap up your paper with one strong closing remark. Your closing statement should be related to your introduction. No matter how you choose to conclude your term paper, remember not to introduce any new ideas. Instead, focus on leaving a lasting impression that will make your paper more memorable.