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A basic structure of any PhD dissertation

Thesis writing is the writing which everyone has to do at least once in his/her student life. Thesis is a piece of research writing which one cannot skip or ignore. Keeping in mind the curriculum of the current era, students of higher education and degrees have to submit a research work, thesis or dissertation in order to get their degree accomplished. PhD is a higher education degree in which students have to do r genuine research to write their research papers. The research paper written for PhD is the research document based on the acquisition and propagation of new knowledge based on the research done on the basis of previous studies on the same or related topic. Many times, students get confused about writing their PhD thesis. They usually face problems in getting their paper start. This article will provide you with the basic structure of PhD thesis and few valuable tips required writing a good PhD thesis. Following are the basic points which you need to keep in mind while writing a thesis document:

  • First of all you need to select a topic for your dissertation. Topic can be selected on the basis of familiarity with the subject and topic of your interest.
  • Then you have to search your topic widely. You must have proper understanding and knowledge of your topic that you are going to explore what and in which ways; you are going to explore it.
  • Then you will have to make a sketch or structure of the whole dissertation.
  • Include all important points in form of headings which you are going to write in your thesis paper chapter wise.
  • You can make a rough structure starting from the title page, content page, introduction, hypothesis, research question, objectives methodology, sample, data, procedure, results, discussion, conclusion, reference and bibliography.
  • After making this rough plan or sketch for your dissertation, you have to think and work critically and logically.

If you follow these above mentioned steps while doing logical thinking and analyzing your research work critically then you can write a good PhD dissertation. Always remember that PhD thesis is not like creative writing only or diary writing neither it is a mere bundle of pages accumulated together to show the volume of your thesis. In fact it is a critical and research assessment of established hypothesis based on some theory or fact.