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4 Skills That Go Into Successful Report Writing

Getting that high grade on your report is a fantastic feeling because it verifies that all your hard work has paid off. Not getting the grade you wanted, well that is just down right disappointing. In order to assure that your next report “get’s an A” follow this 4 point checklist for successful report writing.

  1. Is it well organized?
  2. One characteristic of a properly composed written report is organization and formatting. For this reason we cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you master the outlining process.

    Writing from a good outline will allow you easily organized your ideas and research into an easy-to read “A” grade paper!

  3. Does It Use Strong Examples?
  4. Many (almost all) reports require students to defend or explore a certain concept or thesis. This is where it is extremely important to be selective about the examples that you choose to you.

    Your research/evidence should be from an accredited resource, properly cited, and explained thoroughly. If the concept that you are using is abstract you are going to have to work even harder to justify your findings.

  5. It Demonstrates Thorough Consideration?
  6. The reason why instructors choose to assign reports instead of simply making their students take a test is because they want them to consider the subject matter critically. A successful report should be thoughtful, and demonstrate the authors reasoning and logic.

    This is where you can put your own opinions and understanding into the paper. Try to look at it from different angles and determine the “best way” to approach the topic.

  7. Is The Report is Successful?
  8. The final quality of a successful report is that the report itself is successful. What this means is that all questions have been answered and the research and evidence used is strong.

    Your final conclusion should demonstrate you’re learning and summarize your purpose for composing the paper. You will want to review and edit it carefully to make sure that all of your written material is accurate and concise.